Alisha Thomas Searcy’s Safe Schools Roundtable Series: The Statewide Conversations Begin at 1pm Today in Columbus


It is arguably the most pertinent and pressing problem concerning Georgia’s K-12 students, educators and parents – school safety!  That’s why Alisha Thomas Searcy, the Democratic nominee for Georgia’s State Superintendent of Schools is intensely focused on finding solutions. “We are in a crisis in this country when it comes to protecting our students and our educators in our schools,” opines Searcy, the parent of three school age children. “We keep seeing these school massacres happen, and our young people, including my daughter, feel like nobody is going to do anything. So, I am doing something”!

WHO: Alisha Thomas Searcy, Lakeita Arrington-Judkins, a mental health expert; Dr. Lamont Sheffield, educator; Pastor Adrian Chester, Pastor Michael Grant and other community and religious leaders.


WHERE:  Greater St. Mark AME at 546 Second Ave, Columbus, GA 31901

WHEN:  June 14, 2022, 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

WHY:  “My goal is to first hear what is happening in Columbus, and other local communities including Augusta, DeKalb, Cobb and Clayton counties,” says Searcy. “It is also about hearing from experts – from law enforcement, school systems, parents, mental health experts, and our children – all coming together to talk about how we work together across agencies, in local communities, and across the state, to solve this disturbing issue and keep our students and educators safe in every school across Georgia.”